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Jerry Garcia Screen Print

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Celebrating Albert Hofmann’s wide-eyed ride on April 19th, 1943 and his “problem child” which unlocked doors of perception and created a spark which greatly inspired Garcia and a generation. This 7-color, screen printed poster measures 18” x 18” and is offered in limited edition of 100 artist prints individually signed & numbered by the artist. A handful of foil variant prints are also available.

From The Artist:
I see Jerry in the context of the Garcia album as a cosmic card player at the peak of his musical prowess. He’s literally manifesting the deal of his life to come ‘round. I wanted to capture the nostalgia, joy, and sheer terror of the album, and the gradual movement from relatable Americana to the more sinister science fiction and psychedelic underpinnings. This print moves around in a clockwise motion, with 8 interwoven vignettes representing the 8 album tracks, starting with “Deal" at the top left, ending with "The Wheel," and back again, with Jerry at the command center. By design, there was a lot of detail and bits left to chance in the final inking process. I hope that the love I felt while creating this piece shines through, like how I feel whenever I put on Garcia.

Printed by Monolith Press, Alameda, CA

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