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Holiday Sale

10% off when you spend $50
Discount code: SPEND50
15% off when you spend $100
Discount code: 
20% off when you spend $200
Discount code: 
{expires Monday 11/28}

Here's the deal: We don't do many sales. In fact, we have never done one on this hallowed weekend of capitalistic commerce when the sheep all go a-marching o'er the cliff for a television set marked down 11% that had been marked up 10% that same morning. But the new Sales-bot-4200 (our horrible algorithm) insisted... Err ummm... How he shone that one pulsating electric eye onto our ever loving souls and guilted us into it through a subtle blend of mind control, fear, and amphetamines. "Everyone else is doing it," they garbled, mechanically, gears grinding behind those nictitating membranes. Being corralled into a dank and dingy corner of the warehouse until very late last night, and having missed Thanksgiving dinner, we regretfully relented, and let them do their awful thing this year, much against our better judgment.
(Don't forget to also check the sale section, which has been beefed up as well).