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Nine new pins for your body and soul ✨ - Killer Acid

Nine new pins for your body and soul ✨

Forged in the hearts of dying stars, our product scientists have determined that the metals in these pins are roughly 4.5 billion years old. Really makes you think...
In a much shorter timescale you are invited to enjoy our 2022 selection of pins, beamed to our Killer Acid web store just in time for secret Santa season. Imagine the joy on your coworker's face when you present them with a satin gold plated Damn Fine Bowl of Pot pin, or the mysterious glow in the dark Unidentified Flying Dog. What teenage human wouldn't enjoy the entire suite of Mushroom Friends soft enamel pins with epoxy coating. At Killer Acid we are deeply committed to quality, as deep as the unfathomable black expanse of outer space, to the farthest reaches of the known universe. 
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