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Get Lost - Killer Acid

Get Lost

This time of year I always seem to find a day or three to completely lose track of time, to lose my train of thought, to focus on simple joy, or to see old friends who remind me of who I am, or where I’ve been.

Even for a few hours I am lost in that rapturous reverie, and reflect on a world gone by. I think of high school times, that ultimate freedom of a snowy day, getting stoned in the back of my friends Chrysler New Yorker, doodling the first drawings that would lead me on the path to where I am almost 30 years later. I think of a piece of my grandma’s advice from the last time I saw her. “Don’t let them steal your fire,” she said. Meaning go HAM, work hard, and don’t be afraid. As a Sagittarius rising, this resonates with me greatly, though I’m not sure anyone is out to grip that flame directly off my person.

To be honest I don’t often pause and reflect on much. Coming from a line of Italian immigrants, I’ve been working jobs since I was 14, and I’ve rarely stopped. But sometimes it’s OK and healthy to just stop. Let it all sit for a while. Drop a few tears for the homies that have passed. Go outside and feel some grass, sand, or rock under your feet. Throw your phone in a lake (not actual advice, but you know what I mean).

I guess that’s what Get Lost is all about. Kinda dumb to drop new prints on December 19th. They advised me to wait until next year… but who cares. Killer Acid doesn’t sleep. But I will. For a few days.

Happy holidays everyone, and thank you so much for the love and support. It means the world to me.

-RC / KA

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